In addition to Providing a Review in Social Media, These Are Some Things That You Can Do After Watching Movies

If you have watched a movie, what will you do? Many people will write down their experiences or review the film on social media. However, there is also a direct tell the people closest. So which type are you? Watching movies is a fun activity to keep your mind fresh again. However, there are some people who are lazy to go to the cinema because it will queue to get the entrance ticket. However, now you can watch the movie at, so you no longer need to queue up to get a ticket. After watching the movie, there are some things you can do besides telling the story of the movie in social media. Some of these things are,

• Write a Movie Review on the Blog
Instead of you writing a review of the film in social media, you better write it on your personal blog. It will also help many people who are looking for a review of the film.

• Create Your Own Own Visualization
After watching a movie, you definitely have some scenes that become your favorite, you can make the scene an inspiration by creating your own visualization.

• Go to Locations
For those of you who have enough money, you can go to the location of your favorite movie and take pictures there.