The best foods for your favorite lizard!

If you are one of the lizard lovers but still a beginner so you do not know about foods suitable for lizards then now you can easily get it at There you can find lizard food that is more practical because basically natural lizard food in the wild is as follows!

1. Butterfly
Butterflies you can give as food from your pet lizard because the butterfly can be found easily in the area you live.
2. Crickets
Crickets can also be given as the main feed of the lizard but when you give the lizard a cricket makes sure the legs and head of the crickets are already separated because the feet and cricket heads are classified hard making lizards hard to eat.
3. Dragonflies
Dragonflies can also be given as an alternative to lizard food. When giving food to the dragonfly it is better given once for 2 days because the lizard sometimes feels fed and bored with dragonflies if given continuously.