Folker System Vert Shock

Folker system vert shock is an advanced jump ability improvement program used the scientific approach to formulate the most effective workout within every phase of the program. The program also used a direct experience from professional basketball player and athlete who also the founder of Vert shock program. Vert Shock program aims to improve your maximum jump height by optimizes the nervous system capability. Scientific research proved that nervous system, especially in twitch muscle involving type II B fibers, have a direct effect on the jump height. Type II fibers can contract in fast time resulting in explosive muscle movement such as jumping. Hence, maximizing type II B fibers capability will result in maximizing vertical jumping height. This program also gives a good side effect that will boost your overall stamina and your energy to perform your high jump.

Unlike others jumping program that requires long time training period with tough exercise to achieve the result, vert shock program result can be seen even in the early phase of the program. The fastest result of its program can be seen week after completing the first phase. At that time you can see your jumping height increase 3 up to 5 inches, and by completing the program your jumping height will increase 9 up to 15 inches more. Folker system vert shock does not require expensive training tools for its workout. It can be done with the simple training tools and you can do its exercise at home. The program consists of three phase called pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. The entire program requires eight week s for activating and strengthening your twitch muscle, then continue with a regular workout at least each per week to maintain the muscle memory or ability you have gained. Folker system vert shock program already gets positive recognition and get their certificate from NCSA who is known for their gold training certificate. This program had been used by several coaches to improve their athlete jump ability. Folker system vert shock already proved for its efficient and admirable result . Frankly said vert shock system has been proven their capability. Now, it is not hurt to try, isn’t it?