Fast Way To Increase Muscle Mass

As we know when starting the exercise, of course, our focus is lifting weights and not cardio. Why? Because we want to increase muscle mass in our body. Some people who hear the word muscle imagine the creepy thing. But, make no mistake a lot of benefits from the addition of muscle mass in our bodies. To help you increase muscle mass, you can visit

– Muscle mass can make our metabolism increases so that the weight becomes stable and accelerate fat removal for the diet

– Muscle mass makes our body better

– Make women more “Toned”

– Tighten body parts

– Make us become more youthful due to hard skin

– Helps the gesture system

– Reduce bone and joint damage, why? for example, when we walk normally we just use bones and joints. But, as our leg muscle mass increases, the burden of joints and bones begins to decrease as increased muscle mass in the feet will help our body move as well.

Here are some quick ways to increase your muscle mass:

– Sports Weightlifting: Weightlifting here can be with your own body weight push up for example or with fitness equipment in the gym. The result is certainly faster in the gym because that can be done by our body is limited. If there is no “challenge” exercise, our muscle mass will not grow.

– Make sure you have enough protein and calories: Protein is the key to protein development, so make sure your protein needs per day is 1.5 x Weight. For example, Men weighing 60 KG requires at least 90 grams of protein. After that make sure your calories are not too low. A diet that is too low in protein can lead to muscle loss. Our body will use muscle due to lack of energy and that is the meaning of muscle loss.