Do You Know If Mountain Bikes There are Different Types? These Are The Types

Now, many people are doing cycling sports in various places, such as in the mountains. Some people who choose to do the sport on the mountain judge that it will make their adrenaline spurred and feel oppressed. However, choosing a mountain bike should also fit our function and needs. mountain bikes do usually have a relatively expensive price. But you can choose the best mountain bike under 200 at There are many types of mountain bikes that you can get there and that suit your needs.

There are several types of mountain bikes that you should know before choosing to buy them. Because these types will determine its function. You also have to adjust the bike with the route you will go through.

1. All Mountain
This bike is designed to cross nature or track heavy enough such as climbs or derivatives, rocky roads, muddy, or even very dry soil. Travel fork for this bike is usually around 150 mm-160 mm.

2. Freeride
This bike is used to deal with high jumps but has a design that is easy to control. The weight of this bike is big enough so it is not easy to carry. Travel fork for this bike about 180 mm – 200 mm.

3. Cross Country
This bike is owned by several people. These bikes are designed for tracks with minimal obstacles and are not heavy. Travel fork for this bike is about 80 mm – 100 mm. Many people who use this bike on the highway and just to get around the city. This bike is designed to climb the hill with a field that is not heavy enough and high. So, if this bike is used on the road then the gaze will feel comfortable.

4. Downhill
This bike is designed only for downhill tracks and not uphill. The weight of a bicycle is heavy enough to make the bike down with high strength. Travel fork of the bike about 200 mm and travel suspense that is about 8 inches.