When you take your kids to the cinema

If you feel your child is old enough to be given the experience of watching movies in the cinema, there are some tips based on my experience that may be useful. In my case, the first experience of a cinema at that time was a success because he was happy and drama-free in the theater! In the meantime, you can also visit juaramovie.com if it’s impossible for you to take your children to the cinema anytime soon.

Prepare the child

Before leaving, explain to the child what the cinema is, what the situation and conditions are, what is and what not to do, and so on. Super big screen, noise, dark room can feel overwhelming for your child, and explanation like this is important so he was not surprised. It’s also possible to bring her favorite things in case she gets nervous (I’m carrying a child’s favorite, but endless, blanket).

Select the appropriate movie and clock

Children like Superman then invited to watch Batman vs Superman? Duh, outrageous. You know, superhero movies do not tell about beautiful and colorful things and even contains violence and scenes that are difficult to understand? Keep in mind also not all animated movies worth for children. Do your research. Make sure also show hours are hours according to your baby activities, such as afternoon after he took a nap. Nothing, sleepy toddlers are often even fussy.