When Pulse Becomes a Buying Tool

Have you ever thought that pulses can also be a means of buying and selling? Surely in everyday life we often see people buying games vouchers request paid using transfer pulse, or buy other content such as music, movie downloads, or other applications by paying to use credit. Even now you can convert pulsa into money.

All content provided by the operator is the way of payment by cutting the balance for prepaid subscribers and the addition of bill charges to postpaid subscribers.

What makes the question mark is that while using the pulse as a means of payment, the seller keeps taking profits. What needs to get attention is the pulse is not money either physical money or digital money, so until now there have been no rules that allow the creation of money creation or profit through sale and purchase transactions using pulses.

Preferably, telecommunication and financial regulators reinforce the limits of the use of pulses as a means of buying and selling, because the pulse is not money, whether currency or digital money. It would be better if the operator uses digital or electronic money as a means of payment for app purchases.