Reasons Why You Should Draw

There are many things that are wrong with drawing. Many people think that drawing is only for true artists. There are also many who argue that drawing lessons are not important in school. In addition, many concluded that the drawing requires talent. Many people do not want to draw because they fear the result will be ugly and because they are not confident. In addition, many people think when the results are not good means there is no advantage doing that. If you are looking for the draw for kids, you can visit our Youtube channel.

But we are all born with many desires to express ourselves and the arts cover a great deal of activity. Below are the answers to the question, why everyone should draw:

– Drawing Can Release Stress.

Drawing is a relaxing activity that can reduce stress, which means it will make your brain fresher. When our brains are fresh consequently we will feel happier and happier that means it is healthy. Drawing can be a diversion, diverting our mind from everyday activities and being able to rest our brains. That every average person thinks as much as 60,000 per day. When you are immersed in a creative activity, you will unconsciously find yourself. Drawing is like meditation, when we focus automatically we will put aside some thoughts and anxiety.

– Arts Lessons make children better Learners

Teachers and parents seem to have long suspected that art lessons can make children better learners. Now with / neuroimaging/scientists ultimately justify the allegations. Children who are trained to play good music in math, language and reading lessons. Art lessons add elasticity to the brain and increase blood flow to the brain. there is already plenty of evidence that the advantages of music lessons in brain enhancement in childhood can continue to adulthood and even a lifetime. Similarly, visual art or so-called drawing/painting. In addition to improving the elasticity of the brain, it also improves intelligence, IQ, and attention. Drawing or playing music improves overall behavior and reduces impulsivity.