3 Best Electronic Sports Games!

Electronic Sports or E-Sport is a video game competition between one person or one group against one person or another group. Usually, the game is an online game. Generally, E-Sport is done by professionals but did not rule outdone by ordinary people. Currently, there are a lot of games that serve as E-Sport. Therefore, here are the 3 best electronic sports games (E-Sport) you deserve to try!

1. Dota 2
Defense of The Ancient 2 or better known as Dota 2, is an online multiplayer game Battle Arena (MOBA) production company VALVe game developers that released in 2013 ago. Dota 2 invites us to play the role of “Hero”, in which we compete with the opponent’s speed to destroy their main building called “Ancient” as soon as possible.

2. Madden 18 Ultimate Team
Madden 18 Ultimate Team is a rugby sports game that allows you to fight people in online. But this game requires a coin to play. You can easily get the mut coins to play the game at https://www.themutmarket.com/

3. League of Legend
League of Legend (LoL) is a game with a format similar to Dota 2, in this game, two teams compete fast to destroy the main building of the opponent. Game League of Legend is competing with Dota 2 in the game MOBA genre.