The Most Profitable Property Investment Type

Investment in the field of property is very lucrative. In addition to promising sizable results, investment in this field is safe. Therefore, here is the most common type of property investment that anyone can do!

Real estate investment
Along with the increase in population will increase the number of property needs in the community. Therefore with a property business, you will certainly get a big profit. Well if you are currently interested to become a property agents then it would be better if you join with dallas real estate and get 100 commission real estate dallas.

Investment apartments and condominiums
The need for vertical occupancy increases with increasingly limited land. Investment in vertical housing is promising. Investment of apartments and condominiums has the potential to incur a yield of 7% – 12% per year

Investment shop houses, kiosks, and shops
As with any other type of property investment, investment in shop houses, kiosks and shops is heavily dependent on location. You will find it easier to find tenants if the location is strategic. If one choose the location, then you will be threatened difficult to get tenants and also difficult to resell it. Yield for roko ranges from 6% – 9% per year. While kiosk / store investment promises a yield of 5% – 10% per year