Reduce Plastic Waste This Way!

Plastic waste is one of the most dangerous issues! When burned, the smoke can pollute the air. If dumped, the garbage will contaminate the soil for a long time. If thrown into the sea? How? The answer, just the same! Throwing garbage into the sea is easy and fast. However, the result is the same. Plastic waste will contaminate sea water. The contaminated sea water will disrupt the lives of the sea dwellers. Not only contaminate sea water, plastic waste can also make some sea dwellers become disabled and die. How can? You can find out by visiting

Some sea dwellers, such as turtles, dolphins, seals, and birds cannot differentiate between plastics and food. Finally, the plastic waste that is around them also come consumed. When the plastic waste is consumed, the belly of the sea dwellers cannot digest it. If it were so, they would die slowly.

Plastic waste can get to the sea in two ways. First, there are some people who deliberately throw garbage into the sea. Second, the plastic waste came from the river and carried to the sea. as we know, the river water will empty into the sea. If you still love the sea dwellers, let’s throw the trash in its place! To reduce the amount of plastic waste, start using drinking bottles and lunchboxes.