A Comfortable Place for a Cup Coffee

Carmine Gallo (Columnist, Business Week) writes that Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks does not sell coffee, he sells “third place” between the office and home. Gallo also revealed that Schultz’s goal is to create a third-place experience between the office and home where people will feel comfortable getting together. He also intends to impose people with dignity and respect. Gallo was also surprised to re-read the transcript of his interview with Howard Schultz that the word coffee rarely appeared. Routine when you breakfast or you are in a hurry then Subway Breakfast Times is the right choice for you because you can get the best breakfast time around 5.30 to 6 am.

Sometimes a person’s goal to drink coffee at Starbucks is to buy the atmosphere. In this case, Schultz, successfully selling a comfortable place. Most of you would agree that a cozy place for a cup of coffee depends on your mood and atmosphere. Drinking coffee while doing a thesis is also delicious. Inspired by Schultz’s “third place”, Starbucks became a cozy cafĂ© not just drinking coffee and eating, but also good for thinking alone without being harassed by other arrivals.