The natural tricks for banishing pests from your home

Are pests that are often considered disturbing, such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and rats, nesting in your home? If they are, there is a natural way of driving them away. How is that? Right now, we’d like to share with you the natural ways of eradicating annoying pests. Meanwhile, you may also need to hire a licensed exterminator if the pests infested in your home severely.

1. Anti Flies

The trick is to slice the pandan leaves and lavender flowers then put in a container. Put the container in the kitchen or room frequented by flies.

The fragrance of the two ingredients is not favored by flies, so they will not get close.

2. Anti Mosquito

The trick is to mix about 10 drops of lemongrass oil into 1 liter of water used to mop the floor.

The aroma of lemongrass will repel mosquitoes.

3. Anti Cockroach

Cockroaches can be expelled using lime pests. Another way is to use fresh bay leaves that are still green. Slice and sprinkle bay leaves at a place that is often passed by a cockroach.

Or it can also use ground pepper, place it in gauze, tie it with rubber bands and make some fruit, then place it in places that become a nest or often passed by cockroaches.

Cucumber slices put into empty aluminum cans can also create an odor that can kill a cockroach.

In addition, a mixture of baking soda and sugar that is placed in a bowl and sprinkle near the area through which a cockroach can also make a dead cockroach.

The other way is by grinding a handful of leaf bay leaf and sown in many cockroach areas. Or can also use a mixture of ammonia and water to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

The ball dough from a mixture of boric acid and sugar will also kill the cockroach more effectively.

4. Anti Ants

The trick is to make lime juice and mix the water with 50cc water.

Dip a duster into it and use it to clean the ants’ quarters.

5. Anti Rat

The trick is to chop the ripe noni fruit, put in some containers and place in the corners that are often passed by rats or places that become a rat’s nest.